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There are so many incredible things to explore in the country of Jordan. In this course, Zaid Shiyyab, from the Jordan Tourism Board, takes us on a journey to uncover some of the best places to visit in his home country. Follow along as Zaid demystifies Jordan by exploring its various regions, explaining how to get around its capital city, Amman, and sharing its history and culture. Learn what it’s like to dive into the Red Sea, float atop the Dead Sea, snack on street foods like falafel, and dine on delicacies like sheep brain. This course will explain travel logistics and how Jordan visitors can make the most of their trip using the Jordan Pass. Prepare to explore some of Jordan’s top destinations, like the world wonder of Petra and the iconic Desert of Wadi Rum. This course is made in partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board to ensure that this guide will help you experience the best that Jordan has to offer! Quietly becoming a premier destination within the region, Jordan has witnessed an emergence of luxury hotels in Amman, Petra, Aqaba and the Dead Sea. Whether you’re looking for the authentic backpacker experience, or the casual refinement of 5 star service, the Hashemite Kingdom is fit for both the aristocrat and the modest.

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