Short-Form Storytelling

with Frank Michael Smith

37 minutes
8 videos

Learn how to tell a good story through video to grow your skills and your audience.

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About This Course

Good storytelling outperforms any trend, any piece of gear, and any “attention hack”. In this course, entrepreneur and filmmaker Frank Michael Smith teaches you what he’s learned from making over 1000 short form stories that have had over 2 billion views and have earned me more than 3 million followers. This course teaches you the basics of good story structure, how to find good ideas, and how to research and write for short form. Frank shares his workflow for shooting and editing, and best practices around publishing and monetization. You’ll learn how to analyze and learn from your wins and losses, and how to set yourself up to keep creating for the long-term.

What You'll Learn

  • The basics of good story structure

  • How to find good ideas

  • How to research and write for short form

  • Frank's workflow for shooting and editing

  • Best practices around publishing and monetization.

  • How to learn from your wins and losses

  • How to set yourself up to keep creating long-term, avoiding pitfalls that can lead to burnout

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1


Why Short-Form?

Course instructor, Frank Michael Smith explains what short-form video is and why it’s trending in popularity.

Chapter 2

Developing Your Story

Understanding Story Structure

Frank explains the foundations on which a story is built then breaks down actual examples from his best performing posts.



Frank walks through how to choose a genre or niche, where to find good ideas and how to differentiate your stories from the rest of the pack.


Research & Writing

Frank details his process in generating ideas and capturing the good ideas when they hit. He goes on to explain the difference between a good idea and one you should throw away.

Chapter 3

Creating Your Vision

Setting Up

Frank gives advice on how to get started and the best ways to scale your process. From writing visually to editing final drafts, Frank describes his process that's equated to short-form success.


Filming & Editing

Frank shares the way he got started on his vision, and how to practically make it happen. He reveals everything about his operations from what makes a comfortable studio to his complete video & audio setup.

Chapter 4

Publishing & Monetization


Frank shares his best practices around where and when to publish that maximizes the opportunity for monetization. He let's you in on what mistakes he made that you can avoid and what analytics to which you should pay close attention.


Creating Long-Term

After creating for over a decade, Frank gives his sage advice on how to play the long game. His tips will help you persevere through the hard times and envision what success looks like over time.


Meet Your Instructor

Frank Michael Smith

Frank Michael Smith

Frank Michael Smith is an entrepreneur, writer, storyteller and lifelong sports fan. He's pioneered a style of short-form storytelling that has amassed over 2 billion views since 2020. His stories and opinions have earned him a loyal group of over 3 million followers/subscribers on social media.

Frank Michael Smith

Short-Form Storytelling

with Frank Michael Smith