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Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew is a travel photographer and filmmaker


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How It Became Paris
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The Ultimate Language Learning Guide

Top Lessons

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Le Sacré Coeur
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How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Tool 7: Keeping a Journal
Watch Johnny Build and Memorize His Startup Kit
Positive Association
Eiffel Tower
Paris: A (Brief) History
Arc de Triomphe

About Me

Nathaniel Drew is a travel photographer and filmmaker who fell in love with languages many years ago and has dedicated himself to slow traveling through Latin America and Europe and documenting his experiences online. He believes the way to unlock the places he spends time in is through learning to speak and therefore think like the locals. This has led him to fluency in French, Spanish & Italian. He is now studying Portuguese and has plans to one day tackle Arabic.