How to Catch the Northern Lights

with Agnius Narkevičius

1 hour, 5 minutes
13 videos

A complete guide to forecasting the auroras and capturing photos and videos of the northern lights.

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About This Course

Check this one off your bucket list! Learn from landscape filmmaker and photographer, Agnius Narkevičius, as he takes you to Norway to chase the Northern Lights. Along the way, Agnius shares insight from his own experiences photographing and filming this beautiful, natural phenomenon. With the help of an aurora expert, he'll guide you through what causes auroras and share advice from a northern lights tour guide about how you can forecast the auroras. For the keen shutterbugs, Agnius shares how to take great photos and videos of the auroras, using various camera settings and editing techniques to amplify the final result. By the end of this course, you’ll be empowered with the tools and knowledge you need to find and capture the northern lights for yourself!

What You'll Learn

  • What causes the auroras (with an interview from a space weather scientist)

  • Why the auroras appear in different shapes & colors

  • How to find the best places and best times to increase your changes of seeing the northern lights

  • What tools to use to forecast auroras and how to interpret those forecasts

  • How to capture photos & videos of the northern lights

  • How to edit your photos and videos to really make them come alive

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1



Meet your guide, Agnius, as he gives you an introduction to the Northern Lights and an overview of what you'll learn in this course.


Auroras, Explained

Dive into the science of auroras and how they're formed. Spoiler alert: magnets.


Colors and Shapes of Auroras

Explore the different types of auroras and what some of our ancestors thought they represented. Agnius also dives into the science of why there are different shapes and colors of auroras.

Chapter 2

How to Find the Northern Lights

Planning Your Trip

Learn when and where you're most likely to see the Northern Lights so you can plan your trip accordingly. Agnius also shares his tips for how to dress since you're likely going to be visiting some colder climates.


Forecasting 101

Learn how to read the aurora forecasts so you can make a good prediction for when and where you'll be able to catch an aurora.


Enjoy the Adventure

Having the right attitude on your trip can make all the difference.

Chapter 3

Taking Photos of the Northern Lights

Photography Gear

Hear from Agnius about the gear he recommends for low-light photography


How to Photograph the Northern Lights

Dive into the camera settings and strategies you can use to set you up for success when taking photos of the northern lights.


Editing Your Photos

Jump into Adobe Lightroom and learn how to edit and process your aurora photos to really make them pop.

Chapter 4

Filming video of the Northern Lights

Timelapses and Videos

Explore the differences between timelapses and videos and decide what type of approach you want to take for your moving images of the northern lights.


How to Film the Northern Lights

Learn the value of location scouting, and dig into the camera settings that'll help make your aurora videos come to life.


Editing Your Video

Learn how to color correct and color grade your video to fully experience the vibrant colors of the auroras you captured.

Chapter 5



Learn how amateur photographers have contributed to scientific discoveries about the auroras — that could be you too! Agnius says a final goodbye and walks through some of the resources available with the course.


Meet Your Instructor

Agnius Narkevičius

Agnius Narkevičius

Agnius is a landscape filmmaker and photographer. When he was younger he always dreamt of finding a job where he could travel and create content. By the age of 21 years old his dream was realized; he started shooting relaxing landscape documentaries for several Youtube channels. This job has taken Agnius to many different places, including the Lofoten Islands and Tromso where he has spent many nights searching for and shooting the northern lights. He's shared everything he’s learned about the northern lights in this course.

Agnius Narkevičius

How to Catch the Northern Lights

with Agnius Narkevičius