The Ultimate Language Learning Guide

with Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris

4 hours, 38 minutes
29 videos

A practical guide to learning a language for travel

About This Course

Learning a new language is the best way to immerse yourself in a culture. But, most language learning tools focus strictly on rules, obscure vocabulary and situations that you will never encounter. In this course, Johnny Harris and Nathaniel Drew teach a language learning method that is practical, science-based, and optimized for actual speaking. This method rejects the traditional form of language learning and instead prioritizes the most effective, useful elements of a language so you can start speaking sooner. This course will help you mentally reframe the process of language learning, and introduce you to a new mindset that will help you as you start (or restart) your language learning journey. Johnny and Nathaniel dive into their distinct learning styles so you can customize your language journey. Throw out everything you learned in high school and start new with a different way of acquiring a language. This course also has a suite of language learning resources including a master startup list of essential vocabulary.

What You'll Learn

  •  The major psychological elements to language learning

  •  How to prioritize what to learn first

  •  How to create a custom language list and plan

  •  How to memorize using three different methods

  •  How to set up an effective language learning practice

  •  What tools you can implement into your practice

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1



Welcome to Language Learning with Johnny Harris and Nathaniel Drew. In this lesson, Johnny and Nathaniel share their language learning experiences and they set expectations for what you’ll learn in this course.

How to Get the Most Out of This Course

Nathaniel Drew and Johnny Harris explain how they see language learning as an art. They emphasize what they believe is the main point of the language learning process: to learn something that is actually useful to you.

An Important Note on Languages

Certain trends can be seen across all languages, and Johnny and Nathaniel will be outlining memorization processes throughout this course that will assist you in your journey, no matter what language you wish to learn.

Chapter 2



In this lesson, Nathaniel Drew and Johnny Harris jump into the first important topic of the language learning journey: motivation. Nathaniel and Johnny share their motivations and explain why motivation is your fuel.


This lesson covers the second psychological struggle you will likely face in your language learning journey; calibrating expectations.

Confidence (Part 1)

Johnny Harris introduces confidence as a critical player in the language learning process and shares two ingredients you need to cultivate this skill.

Confidence (Part 2)

Nathaniel Drew discusses the “confidence killers” of language learning, including how to identify them and how to refocus yourself when they do come up.

Positive Association

Mindset is half the battle when it comes to learning a new language. In this lesson, Johnny Harris explains positive association, what it is, and how it can be key to helping you make language learning a lasting habit.

The Bigger Picture

Don’t lose sight that learning a new language is a process. Nathaniel Drew uses this lesson to remind you to stay on track with your goal and let go of anything that could inhibit your progress.

Chapter 3

The Language Startup Kit

Some Words Are More Important Than Others

Prioritize your language learning tasks with Nathaniel Drew, as he explains the Pareto Principle and its use in this process.

The Startup Kit, Explained

Tour the Startup Kit with Johnny Harris and learn how you can make it your own. This kit includes many different terms, available in any language you’re interested in learning.

How Nathaniel Memorizes

Nathaniel Drew shares how he focuses on intentionality by creating lists and writing things down on paper. He also highlights the benefits of the analog approach.

How Johnny Memorizes

Johnny Harris walks through his preferred memorization method, SRS. Follow along as Johnny breaks down the analog and digital options available to you.

Watch Johnny Build and Memorize His Startup Kit

Join Johnny Harris as he begins his Italian language learning journey. Follow along with the steps he takes to set up his Startup Kit, make flashcards, flip through phrasebooks, and more.

More Than Just Ruthless Prioritization

Nathaniel Drew shares some of his favorite ways to make the language learning process more fun and enjoyable.

What's Next?

Nathaniel Drew prepares you for an in-depth look at the language learning tool kit.

Chapter 4

The Language Learning Tool Kit

How the Tool Kit Works

Johnny Harris and Nathaniel Drew explain how you can make the most out of the language learning tool kit. Utilize the tips outlined in the previous chapter, and remember to stay flexible throughout the process.

Tool 1: Start Talking

Johnny Harris emphasizes the importance of verbalizing your language learning as early on in the process as possible. Then, Johnny offers a list of resources to help you start talking in a foreign language.

Tool 2: Find Something That Makes You Curious

Nathaniel Drew shares examples of curious things he’s discovered throughout his language learning journey that help him connect culturally and, in turn, help encourage his language learning pursuits.

Tool 3: Pairing Sounds and Images

Johnny Harris shares his method of pairing foreign words with images. Johnny explains why this helps him in his memorization process and offers a list of helpful apps you can use to do it too.

Tool 4: Approaching Grammar

In this lesson, Johnny Harris walks through his strategies for taking on grammar, including utilizing grammar books, incorporating irregular verbs into your SRS memorization kit, and more.

Tool 5: Tracking Your Progress

Nathaniel Drew emphasizes the importance of tracking your progress as you navigate learning a new language in a way that works for you.

Tool 6: Story Time

In this lesson, Johnny Harris invites you to use stories to make the language learning process more fun! Johnny offers tips and tools to help you experience the language you’re interested in learning.

Tool 7: Keeping a Journal

Nathaniel Drew explains the value of journaling throughout your language learning process. He also shares personal examples to highlight how effective this strategy can be.

Tool 8: Conversations With Natives

Nathaniel lists the benefits of talking to native language speakers as you continue learning how to speak a new language.

Tool 9: Find a Safe Space to Talk

Johnny Harris explains why it’s important to express yourself in the language you’re learning as early on in the process as possible. He offers tips on finding a good teacher, setting clear expectations, and more.

Tool 10: Cross Referencing

Nathaniel Drew walks through his process of researching what else is out there to help you along your language learning journey, and how this can benefit you as you figure out how to learn a language.

Tool 11: Context; A Few Language Tools to Keep On Your Radar

Nathaniel Drew offers a few last key resources to assist you in better understanding the meaning and context of the words you’re working on learning, including some websites he finds super helpful.

Chapter 5


The Long Game

The course instructors remind you to be kind to yourself throughout this process and use this course as a resource to come back to whenever you need it.

Meet Your Instructors

Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris

Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris

Nathaniel Drew is a travel photographer and filmmaker who fell in love with languages many years ago and has dedicated himself to slow traveling and documenting his experiences around the world online. His desire to tell stories is rooted in his belief that stories are a powerful tool to make sense of both the world, and our own lives. He is currently based in Paris and has spent time living in Italy, Mexico, the United States and Argentina. Johnny Harris is a one-man-band filmmaker and journalist. Formally educated in international relations and self taught as a cinematographer and motion graphics artist, Johnny uses visual storytelling to bring viewers to new places and show them why things happen the way they do. Johnny’s visual style relies on cinematic videography, beautiful digital cartography, and rigorous journalism to make even the most complicated issues accessible to a broad audience.

Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris

The Ultimate Language Learning Guide

with Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris