Courses for Curious Travelers

Welcome to Bright Trip! Where we make courses for curious travelers, like you, to learn new skills and better understand the world around us. With a Bright Trip course, you can take on new travel challenges with confidence. Whether you have a ticket booked or want to learn about a destination or skill from home, our courses are visually engaging and packed with information to help you travel smarter. 

Learn New Skills and Explore New Places

Our courses go beyond reviews and recommendations to focus on developing practical skills and essential knowledge to make you a smarter, more engaged traveler. With a skills-based Bright Trip course, you can learn things like: a new language, how to travel with kids, how to travel in a van, how to travel solo, or even how to train your cat to travel with you. With a location-based Bright Trip course, you can learn things like: the history, cuisine, customs, and culture of a destination.

Improve Your Travels with Knowledge

We believe the best trips are the most informed trips. Our courses dive deep into the culture of a place by teaching you about the history, cuisine, and traditions that make it so unique. Bright Trip courses also provide tactical and practical knowledge to make your trips smoother, more engaging, and more fulfilling. Whether it’s the anatomy of ramen, the story of the Eiffel Tower, or understanding the London underground; a Bright Trip course will connect you to your destination right from your home, and help you better prepare for your trip whenever you decide to go.

Get more with Visual Explanations

At Bright Trip we take pride in providing high-quality visuals, maps, and animations that make learning fun and engaging. We believe that these visual tools can not only help you retain more information, but also make learning a new concept a rewarding experience. Our courses are also curated with supplementary learning tools like downloadable course guides and interactive maps that can be utilized while on your adventures. 

Taught by Travel Creators

Our courses are taught by experienced travelers and industry experts who have spent their time on the ground, exploring and learning, just like you. Along with their special insight, instructors bring unique perspectives and personalities to our courses, making learning both informative and relatable.