Europe by Train

with Paul Lucas

1 hour, 22 minutes
11 videos

Railway expert Paul Lucas (Wingin’ It with Paul) takes you on a journey through Paris, Frankfurt, and Zurich to plan and prepare for your dream train adventure.

About This Course

Europe is one of the most accessible continents in the world, and there’s no better way to explore it than by rail. Focusing on Central and Western Europe, railway expert Paul Lucas (AKA Wingin’ it With Paul) takes you on a journey through Paris, Frankfurt, and Zurich to demonstrate how to plan and prepare for your dream train adventure. Discover how trains reshaped the landscape of the European continent forever, and the ins and outs of the modern railway system—from the booking process and how to save on tickets and passes, to practical tips and overviews of the top scenic and night train journeys. With this guide, Paul aims to empower you with the tools and knowledge to tailor-make your ideal itinerary … even if that’s on the midnight train going anywhere.

What You'll Learn

  • The history of trains in Europe

  • The ins-and-outs of the modern railway system

  • How to book your trip

  • Tips & tricks for saving on tickets and passes

  • The best scenic and night train journeys

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1

Overview of European Trains

Welcome Aboard

Railways are the veins of Europe and, with the right knowledge, can be your ticket to many adventures across the continent. Meet your host, train expert Paul Lucas, as he explains how trains work in central and western Europe and how they remain one of the best modes of travel.


A Brief History of European Trains

Take a trip back in time and discover how railways changed the landscape of the European continent forever. You’ll learn how the first railways were developed, how they inevitably played a role in global conflicts, and how they not only redefined travel but also the very way we perceive time.


Overview of Railways

In this lesson, you’ll learn the differences between regional trains, high-speed trains, and international trains. Paul explains how train travel in Europe is not homogeneous and provides you with an understanding of different rail services and speciality trains, such as scenic, luxury, and night trains.

Chapter 2

Booking, Boarding and Etiquette

Navigating the Railway Station

Get your bearings by learning how to navigate railway stations in Europe and what amenities, if any, they usually have.


Understanding Eurail

If spontaneity is a priority for you, you might consider getting a European Rail Pass—a prepaid ticket that is valid for several train trips across Europe. This lesson cover’s all you need to know about Eurail passes, along with useful tips and details to help you decide if it’s the right ticket for you.


Booking Online and at the Station

In this lesson, Paul explains how train tickets work and how, when, and where to book them. You’ll learn all about the benefits of booking in advance versus booking on the day and whether or not that ticket might need to be validated.


Boarding and Train Etiquette

Now that you have your ticket, all that’s left to do is board the train and find your seat. This lesson will help you navigate your train carriage, secure your baggage, and covers all of the spoken and unspoken rules of train etiquette.

Chapter 3

Special Trains and Route Options

Scenic Trains

One of the biggest aspects that set train travel apart is the spectacular scenery you get to enjoy that would otherwise be flown over. Discover the unique world of scenic trains as Paul shares his top ten scenic train recommendations.


Night Trains

From covering long stretches through the night to waking up in an entirely new country or city, night rains have rightfully earned a reputation of being one of the most romantic (if often utilitarian) forms of travel. Paul explains how night trains work and what you can expect while sharing some of his favourite recommended trips.


Suggested Itineraries

With so many options, planning your European train adventure can be daunting. In this lesson, Paul walks you through five potential itineraries for your trip.


Bonus Tips

To help you get the most out of your train experience, Paul sends you off with a few final tips, from which apps to download to advice on capturing the perfect photos of your journey while onboard.


Meet Your Instructor

Paul Lucas

Paul Lucas

Paul Lucas is a professional traveler who has the dream job of reviewing train and air journeys on his YouTube channel. So far he’s traveled over 60,000 miles by rail in Europe—equivalent to traveling around the Earth’s circumference more than twice. With his background in working on the railways and his experience taking trains in every EU country, he’s ideally placed to help you navigate what can sometimes seem a daunting task; sorting out your tickets, planning your trip, and staying clear of the common pitfalls of rail travel.

Paul Lucas

Europe by Train

with Paul Lucas