Tokyo, Demystified

with Johnny & Iz Harris

3 hours, 12 minutes
60 videos

Learn to experience Tokyo with confidence.

About This Course

Tokyo, Japan is a vast and complex city that can easily overwhelm you. But with the help of your course instructors, Johnny and Iz Harris, you’ll be wandering the streets like a seasoned pro! From Japanese etiquette, to Tokyo’s Robot scene, this course will teach you how to plan a trip to Tokyo and enjoy your time in this neon paradise.

What You'll Learn

  • Logistics such as visa information and getting into the city from the airport

  • Cultural norms, nuances, and expectations

  • Customs and etiquette to keep in mind

  • How to experience Tokyo's culture -- from ramen and robots, to shrines and sushi

  • Practical ways to experience popular attractions

  • How to navigate Tokyo's subway system

  • Understanding Tokyo's structure through animated maps

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1



How to Use this Course

Chapter 2

Tokyo: Learn the Map

Overview and Mapping App

Mapping Tokyo's Major Landmarks

Learn the map of Tokyo with instructor Johnny Harris as he identifies several major landmarks throughout the city, from the busy Shibuya Crossing, to the serene and beautiful patch of forest known as Yoyogi Park.

Tokyo's Center: Marunouchi and Nihombashi

Shopping and Street Food: Ginza & Tsukiji

Night life & Art: Roppongi & Akasaka

Entertainment and Modern Culture: Shibuya, Harajuku

The Everything District: Shinjuku

Museums and Parks: Ueno

Final Map Review

Chapter 3

Arriving to Tokyo

Arriving to Tokyo

Using Cell Data in Japan

Hotel and Lodging

Chapter 4

History of Tokyo

How Tokyo Came to Be

Tokyo Today

Chapter 5

Tokyo's Food Demystified

Japanese Cuisine: An Overview

How to Find a Good Restaurant

Ground Rules for Dining in Tokyo

Ramen Part 1: History, Context, Concept

Ramen Part 2: The Anatomy of Ramen

Ramen Part 3: How to Eat Ramen in Tokyo

Udon, Soba, and Tempura Explained

Sushi Part 1: History and Context

Sushi Part 2: How to Eat Sushi in Tokyo

High End Dining

Underground Food Halls

Places to Wander For Food

Chapter 6

Tokyo's Transportation

Introduction to Transportation

Understanding Tokyo's Trains

Tickets and Fares

Getting From A to B - Live Demonstration

Other Forms of Transportation

Chapter 7

Customs and Etiquette

Introduction to Etiquette


Using Your Phone

Meal Etiquette


Social Interactions

Public and Private Spaces

Chapter 8

Tokyo's Drinks

History of Tokyo's Coffee Culture

Types of Coffee and How to Order


Japanese Whiskey


Chapter 9

Tokyo Shrines and Tea Ceremonies

Religion in Japan

How to Do Shrines and Temples

What Is a Tea Ceremony

How to Do a Tea Ceremony

Chapter 10

Tokyo by Robot

Why Japan Loves Robots and Automation

Tokyo's Robots

Automated Food in Tokyo

Chapter 11

Shopping in Tokyo

Welcome to Shopping

Where to Go

Chapter 12

Tokyo with Kids






Chapter 13



Meet Your Instructors

Johnny & Iz are a husband and wife duo of travel journalists. Together, they travel the world, documenting, telling stories, and sharing them with their audiences. They also work as producers and hosts for Vox Media. Johnny has produced 5 seasons of his show Borders - a deep dive into and human perspective of the many Borders around the globe. Iz has produced two seasons of her series, Travel, Eat, Repeat where she takes on a location, showing it through the lens of the local cuisine. Now, as co-founders of Bright Trip, their mission is to take what they’ve learned and loved in traveling the world, and share that with others - creating a community of enlightened and curious travelers.

Tokyo, Demystified

with Johnny & Iz Harris