The Ultimate Safari Guide

with Nicole Eddy

1 hour, 7 minutes
23 videos

Nicole Eddy’s practical guide to organizing a safari tour in Africa.

About This Course

Going on a safari tour is an adventure into the wild. In this course, South African native and owner of Africa Unearthed safari travel company, Nicole Eddy, guides you through the preparations needed to go on a wildlife safari. Nicole provides information about a range of safari parks, from the Masai Mara to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, as well as itinerary options for both south African and east African safaris. She covers all the details from how much an African safari trip costs, to figuring out whether a self-drive or a guided safari tour works best for you. By the end of this course, you’ll be armed with practical travel skills to plan your very own wildlife safari trip and you’ll also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the African wildlife you’ll (hopefully) encounter.

What You'll Learn

  • The history of safaris

  • Your options for south African or east African safaris

  • How to plan trips to southern and eastern African countries

  • A brief explanation about the Great Migration

  • The animals that you could spot on a wildlife safari, including the Big 5 and the Little 5

  • How much an African safari trip costs

  • The pros and cons of self-drive versus guided safari tours

  • How to plan self-drive or guided safari tours

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1

Overview of Location


Welcome to the Ultimate Safari Guide! Meet your course instructor, Nicole Eddy, and discover what constitutes a safari adventure and why it can be a unique and humbling experience.

Who am I?

Get to know your course instructor, Nicole Eddy—A South African safari expert—and how she aims to make the magic of the bush accessible and less daunting for travelers.

Chapter 2

History & Culture

A Brief History of Safaris

Discover the interesting origins of the word “safari” and how it developed from big-game hunting into the sustainable form of eco-tourism it is today.

Human History

Safari history, unfortunately, goes hand-in-hand with the forced removal of indigenous and local communities. This lesson sheds light on how the safari industry is working with communities to right old wrongs.

The Big 5 and More

Get acquainted with the main attraction of any safari trip—the Big Five—and some of the other unique animals you might come across.

Beyond the Big 5 and Other Big Game

There is a whole other aspect of safaris to enjoy when you pay attention to the smaller walks of life. Nicole Eddy expresses how activities like birding and tracking can enrich your safari experience.

Chapter 3

Learn the Map

East Africa Landmarks & National Reserves

In this lesson, Nicole Eddy covers some of the most popular reserves and national parks throughout Kenya and Tanzania, as well as tips on traveling to these spots and insight into the unique experience each park has to offer.

The Great Migration, A Brief Explanation

The famed river crossing is one reason why you might know about the Great Migration. In this lesson, Nicole Eddy will share all about the wildebeest migration, why the Serengeti and the Masai Mara are the places to be, and how you can make the most of this wildlife safari experience.

Southern Africa Landmarks & National Reserves

Discover the best safari experiences in the countries of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Here, you can explore the famous Kruger National Park, the sweeping desert dunes of Namibia, Victoria Falls, and more.

Private Game Reserves Versus National Parks

Learn the key differences between private game reserves and national parks, as well as the pros and cons to help you decide on the type of safari experience you want.

Chapter 4

Preparing to Go

Choosing Your Country and Destination Field

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or want to experience the bush in luxury, there are so many safari options out there. Nicole Eddy shares her recommendations and tips on how to choose your country and destination.

Best Time of Year to Go On a Safari

When it comes to deciding when to go on safari, there are many factors to consider, depending on your destination. In this lesson, Nicole Eddy outlines what you can expect from your safari at different times of the year.

Types of Accommodation

Whether you’re a camper, a glamper, or more of a luxury lodge type of person, there’s a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from for your safari. This lesson will help you choose accommodation based on your budget, destination, and preferred style of adventure.

How Much Do Safaris Cost?

Because there are so many different ways of undertaking a safari, there’s no one model for how to budget for one. Nicole Eddy discusses some of the factors that might impact the cost of your trip.

Booking Your Safari & Other Logistics

Let’s talk logistics. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to put your plan into action and actually book your safari. Along with this, Nicole shares valuable advice and tips on logistics like transportation and travel documentation.

Transportation Options for Your Safari

If you are planning on doing a self-drive safari, this lesson is for you. Self-driving awards you particular freedom and flexibility on your safari, and this lesson covers everything you’ll need to know to secure the right vehicle for your adventure.

What to Pack

Nicole explains how to pack for your safari, from the essentials to some extras that can make a huge difference to you on your trip.

Chapter 5

Arriving on Safari

A Typical Day on Safari

In this lesson, Nicole Eddy walks you through what you can expect on a typical day on safari.

Safari Customs & Etiquette

Once you head out on your safari, there are some important customs and etiquette to keep in mind to ensure that you have a safe and respectful visit. This lesson will help you feel comfortable and prepared from the moment you take to the bush.

General Tips

Nicole Eddy shares some general tips to keep in mind while on safari and gives insight into gratuity customs for the guides, rangers and lodge staff that help make your safari experience safe and memorable.

Chapter 6

Sustainability & Responsible Tourism

Picking Sustainable Safari Options

Find out how many safari lodges are incorporating sustainable practices and why supporting environmentally-friendly accommodations is so important.

Why Safari Tourism is Vital for Wildlife Existence

While the safari tourism industry is a treasure trove of rich, educational interactions with these wild spaces and creatures, it’s much more than that. In this lesson, you’ll discover why safari tourism is vital for wildlife and its role in anti-poaching and conservation.

Chapter 7



Meet Your Instructor

Nicole Eddy

Nicole Eddy

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Nicole Eddy has spent much of her life enjoying the many adventures her unique home country has to offer. Along the way, Nicole developed a love for safari destinations, extensively exploring and finding reasons to return to ‘the bush,’ time and time again for work, conservation, and pleasure. Her love and expertise for these unique areas left Nicole wanting to share the magic of safari with others. So, in 2020, Nicole started up her own travel company, Africa UnEarthed, with the purpose of curating South African safari-based itineraries for travelers. Now, Nicole shares her safari expertise throughout this course with the hope that you can feel confident going into your own safari experience, whether it be self-drive or staying at a lodge, knowing what to expect and how to travel smarter.

Nicole Eddy

The Ultimate Safari Guide

with Nicole Eddy