The Art of Mindful Journaling

with Jo Franco

1 hour, 2 minutes
15 videos

A guide to preserving your travels with intention and sparking self-discovery.

About This Course

Writing about life in your journal can be a very therapeutic practice and Jo Franco knows this intimately, having journaled her personal journey in the pages of her notes for as long as she can remember. In this course, Jo, creator of the global journaling community, JoClub, opens up her journal to reveal how she’s built this mindful practice into a daily habit and how you can too. In this course, Jo guides you through the three steps of building a journaling habit for self-discovery; showcasing personal examples from the many travel journals she’s filled up throughout the years. She explores why journaling with intention is a great self-care practice, from its mental health benefits to its ability to help you self-reflect. Then, Jo tackles how you can start journaling today by finding the right method for you. And let’s not forget the best part; preserving your journal entries and reliving the memories, which is not only fun, but also a great practice for self-care. This course is angled through the lens of travel journaling but whether you’re a beginner or a habitual journaler, Jo shares ways to develop this mindfulness practice and grow with a community of like-minded people.

What You'll Learn

  • Why journaling is important as a mindful practice

  • How journaling helps improve your mental clarity

  • How to capture your personal journey through the art of journaling

  • The different journaling formats and demonstrations of each type

  • How to pick the journaling method that suits you best

  • Apps, digital/audio aids, and crafting tips to enhance your entries

  • How to build a journaling habit into your travel schedule

  • How to collaborate and bring others into your journey of self-discovery

  • Tips to help preserve your journals for years to come

  • How to relive your journal entries

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1



Welcome to the Art of Mindful Journaling with Joanna Franco. In this lesson, Jo shares her experience and love for travel journaling and outlines what you can expect to learn from this course.

How to Use This Course

Jo Franco explains how to use this course and get the most out of the additional resources provided.

Who Am I?

Who is Jo Franco? Get to know your course instructor and discover how and why journaling became her way of experiencing and documenting life’s adventures.

Chapter 2

Why Journal?

The Benefits of Journaling

In this lesson, Jo Franco goes over the numerous benefits of journaling, from mindfulness to improved memory. Watch these benefits in action as Jo shares an old treasured entry from one of her journals.

Building Confidence

Starting your journaling habit can be challenging. Jo Franco shares how to overcome any initial fears and perfectionism, how to gain confidence, and how journaling can make you aware of the positive moments in life.

The Power of Travel Journaling

In this lesson, Jo Franco reflects on the magic of travel journaling and its power to shift your perspective. She shares her motto for documenting memories and what journaling can do that photos and videos can’t.

My Travel Experience

Joanna Franco takes you on a walk through some of her old journal entries to share her personal experience with travel journaling. She explains how both free-flowing and prompt journaling can help you relive precious moments otherwise forgotten.

Chapter 3

How It Works

Handwritten vs Electronic

In this lesson, Jo Franco discusses the pros and cons of handwritten versus electronic journaling and suggestions for making your medium of choice work for you.

Types of Journals

There are many different forms and formats of journaling. This lesson will help you discover which types you want to try out. Jo Franco shows examples of each by taking you along on an afternoon adventure and documenting it.

Building Your Travel Journal

Jo Franco outlines some important rules for journaling that will help you find valuable and inspiring information to document. She also gives insight on what to leave out of your journals.

Collective Journaling

In this lesson, Joanna Franco discusses the benefits of collective journaling, how it works, and why you should consider sharing your journal entries with others.

When To Journal

Even when you’re not travelling, journaling can make you feel like you are. This lesson explores how journaling in different places and times can lead to interesting observations and experiences.

Chapter 4

How To Use Your Journals

Preserving Your Journals

When you finish a physical journal, you want to make sure it’s safe and intact for you to enjoy for years to come. Jo Franco uses this lesson to provide tips and tricks on how to preserve your writing.


In this lesson, Jo Franco shares why rereading your journals is just as important and transformative as the act of writing itself.

Chapter 5



Joanna Franco shares her final thoughts as the course comes to a close and sends you off to start your journaling journey.

Meet Your Instructor

Jo Franco

Jo Franco

Jo Franco is a polyglot content creator, writer, TV host, and founder of JoClub, the first ever community of online journalers around the globe. She’s spent the last decade capturing her international adventures on YouTube across two different channels, and most recently hosted The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix. When she’s not filming, she’s carefully writing down details of the journey and has filled the pages of more than 20 journals over the last 15 years. In her Bright Trip course, she’ll not only inspire the habit of journaling, but give tangible tips and tools to make sure you open up that notebook and get writing. Your future self will thank you.

Jo Franco

The Art of Mindful Journaling

with Jo Franco