Southern Iceland Road Trip

with Johnny & Iz Harris

43 minutes
17 videos

Learn how to explore Iceland's stunning countryside by car.

About This Course

Buckle up and grab your favorite gas station snacks ‘cause we’re taking you on a road trip in southern Iceland! Explore the countryside with Johnny and Iz as they fill you in on how exactly one can embark on their own road trip in Iceland. Along the way, you’ll learn about this Nordic island’s culture and nature, proper hot spring etiquette, and the context and importance of the ever-so-famous Iceland glaciers. By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with a clear itinerary and a good grasp of how to navigate the tricky, icy roads. Also, if we’re just being honest, the visuals will take your breath away!

What You'll Learn

  • How to craft a 4-6 day itinerary through Southern Iceland

  • How to best experience Iceland's hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, and beaches

  • A brief history of Iceland

  • What makes Iceland's unique geology unique

  • Major facets of Icelandic culture

  • Key tips for driving in Iceland

  • Airport arrival and visa information

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1

Iceland: An Overview

Iceland, Explained

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice for its vast number of volcanoes and glaciers. In this lesson, Johnny Harris shares a geographical overview of the country.


How to Use This Course

Johnny explains how to get the most out of this course and the Bright Trip platform.



In this lesson, Johnny explains the basics of the economic situation in Iceland and breaks down the numbers so you can understand how much an Iceland trip costs.



Get an overview of all your transportation options to help build your Southern Iceland road trip itinerary.

Chapter 2

Overview of Transportation

Airport Arrival

Iz Harris guides you through your arrival at Keflavik airport so you can hit the ground running once you arrive in Iceland.


Car Rental

There are several options for road trip vehicles, and in this lesson, Iz shares the pros and cons of each so you can figure out which suits you best.



Explore the various accommodation options available throughout Iceland to help determine where you want to stay for your trip.

Chapter 3

Southern Iceland Road Trip

Overview of Trip

Get your bearings for the Southern Iceland road trip itinerary by exploring the map.


Driving in Iceland

Learn some of the key regulations for driving in Iceland and some tips to help you stay safe and navigate while you’re there.


The Golden Circle

Explore everything you can see and do in the Golden Circle and learn about each site’s historical or geographical significance.


Iceland's Greenhouse Agriculture

Discover how greenhouses have become part of the culture of Iceland and learn more about a unique restaurant in the Golden Circle.


Hot Spring Culture and Etiquette

In this lesson, learn about the culture of hot springs in Iceland and some key notes on etiquette when visiting a hot spring.


Stretch Two: Golden Circle to Vik

Explore the second stretch of the road trip, where you’ll travel from the Golden Circle to the village of Vík and pass many waterfalls and hot springs.


Black Sand Beaches

Black sand beaches are one of the most striking features of the Icelandic coastline. In this lesson, Johnny Harris shares the story of Reynisfjara (one of the most famous black sand beaches).


Stretch Three: Vik to Diamond Beach

In the final stretch of this Iceland road trip, we enter glacier territory. Enjoy the journey and learn key facts about some of the most spectacular sites between Vík and Diamond Beach.


Glaciers, Explained

Learn how glaciers are formed, what makes them special, and why glaciers might not be present in Iceland forever.

Chapter 4


The End

Johnny wraps up the course and suggests using the PDF summary (in the resources section) if you want a quick refresher during your road trip.


Meet Your Instructors

Johnny & Iz Harris

Johnny & Iz Harris

Johnny & Iz are a husband and wife duo of travel journalists. Together, they travel the world, documenting, telling stories, and sharing them with their audiences. They also work as producers and hosts for Vox Media. Johnny has produced 5 seasons of his show Borders - a deep dive into and human perspective of the many Borders around the globe. Iz has produced two seasons of her series, Travel, Eat, Repeat where she takes on a location, showing it through the lens of the local cuisine. Now, as co-founders of Bright Trip, their mission is to take what they’ve learned and loved in traveling the world, and share that with others - creating a community of enlightened and curious travelers.

Johnny & Iz Harris

Southern Iceland Road Trip

with Johnny & Iz Harris