London's Transportation, Explained

with Jess Dante

36 minutes
15 videos

Learn the many ways to get around in London.

About This Course

London is vast and sprawling, and with so much to explore a big challenge visitors often face is how to get around. In this course, London travel expert Jess Dante takes you through everything you need to know to get around London with ease. This course focuses on the major modes of transport in London: Underground train (The Tube), Bus, Taxi, and Bike. After giving an overview of each of these, we dive into the specific concepts and techniques that govern London’s transportation systems.

What You'll Learn

  • How to get into the city from the airport, and some essentials you might want to pick up

  • How to navigate the underground system and what smart phone apps we recommend with real life demos

  • How to ride London's double-decker buses

  • How to think about taxis in London

  • How to use London's bike share system and where to bike in this city

  • London's best walks and strolls

  • How to travel outside of London, whether to different parts of the UK or to other parts of Europe

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1


Welcome to London

Course host Jess Dante introduces herself and shares an overview of London’s transportation. Then, Jess covers expectations for this course.

How to Use this Course

Jess explains how to get the most out of this course and the Bright Trip platform.

Chapter 2

Overview of London's Transportation

Ways to Get Around

London is larger than most tourists initially realize! Learn about the two main transportation options available to you throughout the city: the bus and the tube.

Transportation Apps

Discover the best apps to download to help you get around the city of London.

Chapter 3

How to Use London's Transportation

Getting From the Airport to the City

Learn the best transportation options to get into the city of London from its two main airports: Heathrow and Gatwick.

Oyster Card

Learn about London’s oyster card system, including why you need one and how to use them.

The Tube Part 1: The Map

Explore London’s Tube with an overview of its map. Then, get a better understanding of how the lines work and how to read the map symbols.

The Tube Part 2: Getting from A to B

Get comfortable with London’s tube system as Jess breaks down a tube journey from Waterloo to King’s Cross, step-by-step.

London's Buses

Get comfortable with London’s iconic double-decker buses as Jess breaks down a bus journey from Waterloo to Leather Lane Market.

National Rail

Explore London’s National Rail system. Learn how to buy tickets, where it can take you, and more!

Biking London

Learn about London’s bike-share system, including where you can find bike stations, how to pay for them, and more!


Learn about London’s iconic black taxis and why they are the most convenient transportation option.


Explore London by foot and save money with Jess’s top walking recommendations.

Traveling Outside of London

Discover some tips and tricks for saving money while traveling outside London’s city limits.

Chapter 4


Thanks for Watching!

Jess wraps up the course with a final note that you’ll quickly get the hang of London’s transit systems as you begin to explore the city!

Meet Your Instructor

Jess Dante

Jess Dante

Jess Dante is the founder of Love and London, a digital travel guide that helps London tourists to visit the city like they live there. She moved to London in 2013, which is when she started to eagerly explore her new city, and she still loves to do this every single day. Her specialty is sharing hidden gems that most tourists don't hear about in the typical guidebook or article, so they can also experience the nooks and crannies that make London incredibly special. Jess has been a founding Bright Trip instructor since 2019.

Jess Dante

London's Transportation, Explained

with Jess Dante