How to Road Trip Morocco

with Bernardo Bacalhau

1 hour, 45 minutes
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A practical guide to exploring the country of Morocco by car

About This Course

Join traveler and filmmaker Bernardo Bacalhau on a journey through Morocco, as he highlights many of its most popular places, like Marrakesh, Chefchaouen (the famous blue city), and the Sahara Desert. In addition to giving you a better understanding of Morocco’s culture and terrain, this course will teach you everything you need to know to stay safe and tailor a Moroccan road trip to your liking. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to explore all Morocco has to offer, armed with practical travel skills and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the cities and sites you’ll see along the way.

What You'll Learn

  • How to craft a great Morocco itinerary

  • How to best experience the cities, coast, mountains, and desert in Morocco

  • What makes Morocco’s geology so unique

  • Major facets of Moroccan culture

  • Key tips for renting a car and driving in Morocco

  • How to stay safe when driving in Morocco

  • Airport arrival and visa information

  • How to plan your own road trip to Morocco, including stops in Marrakech, Chefchaouen (the famous blue city), and the Sahara desert

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1


Morocco, Explained

Welcome to Road Trip Morocco with Bernardo Bacalhau. Begin with an overview of the country of Morocco to get familiar with its map, population, geography, and more.


Route Overview

Explore Bernardo’s suggested itinerary and road trip circuit. This route includes stops in Tangier, Fez, Merzouga, Ouarzazate, Essaouira, and more.

Chapter 2

Road Trip Basics

Arriving in Morocco

Understand the logistics of getting to Morocco by plane or by boat.


Getting Set Up

Prepare for your Morocco road trip with important navigation, car rental, cell service, and financial tips.


Types of Vehicles

Consider which vehicle option would work best for your Moroccan road trip adventure.


Driving in Morocco

Review important rules of the road in Morocco, along with some valuable driving tips and tricks.

Chapter 3

First Stretch

Tangier to Chefchaouen

Explore the first section of Bernardo’s Moroccan road trip journey, going from the ferry port in Tangier to the blue city of Chefchaouen.


Intro to Morocco's Religious Culture

Learn about the various religions practiced in Morocco, including the main religion of Islam, and how you can show respect to those practicing during your visit.


Moulay Idriss and Meknes

Discover some incredible but less-known stops in the Moulay Idriss to Meknes section of the road trip, like Volubilis.



Make your way to the city of Fez and explore its maze-like streets, where you can explore cultural sites like Old Medina’s famous blue entrance and observe centuries-old craftsmanship traditions.

Chapter 4

Second Stretch and Third Stretch

Second Stretch

Begin the second stretch of the journey, heading towards Merzouga. Bernardo suggests making a few stops along the way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Palm Tree Valley.


Sahara Geology & Climate

Take a moment to understand the environment of the southeast area of Morocco.


Camping in the Desert

Explore the camping options available to you in Merzouga as well as the activities offered with each option.


Nomadic Families and Berbers

Learn about the origins and traditions of the nomadic people who’ve called this land home for centuries.


Third Stretch

Continue on the road trip circuit, going from Merzouga to Ouarzazate. Explore the two different road options that go through this section.

Chapter 5

Fourth Stretch and Fifth Stretch

Fourth Stretch, The Shorter Loop

Explore the shorter route option from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh.


Fourth Stretch, The Longer Loop

Explore the longer route option from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh, including stops in Sidi Ifni and Essaouira.


Fifth Stretch

Take on the final stretch of the road trip circuit from Marrakesh back to Tangier, including stops in Casablanca and Rabat.


Bargaining, Explained

Learn the art of bargaining as Bernardo explains why it is such a valuable skill when visiting Morocco.


Back to Tangier

Consider stopping into one or a few of the small coastal towns along the route back to Tangier.

Chapter 6


The End


Meet Your Instructor

Bernardo Bacalhau

Bernardo Bacalhau

Bernardo Bacalhau is a Portuguese filmmaker and YouTuber who loves to tell a good story. He started his channel in India, where he lived for 8 months. Since then, he's been traveling and searching the world for different stories he can help share. He recently transformed his van into a tiny home on wheels so he can travel to more places. Although Bernardo's been to over 40 countries, Morocco continues to be one of his favorite places to visit and will always hold a special place in his heart.

Bernardo Bacalhau

How to Road Trip Morocco

with Bernardo Bacalhau