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How to Plan Your London Trip

How to Plan Your London Trip

Learn how to plan your trip with the guidance of a London travel expert.

About This Course

You are cordially invited to London, England by London travel expert, Jess Dante! After years of living in the city, Jess created this course to provide first-timers with valuable insights they need before they board the plane. Discover her solid game plan that makes exploring the city stress-free and seamless. Beyond visiting the typical tourist attractions, you’ll also learn how to view London through a townie’s eye to get a true British experience.

What you will learn

  •  How to find the perfect accommodations that suits your travel style

  •  Delicious, must-try dishes

  •  Hidden gems scattered around London

  •  How to get your international phone working

  •  An explanation of British currency and best money practices

How to Plan Your London Trip

by Jess Dante

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Flights and Airports

Discover your transportation options when leaving London’s two most popular airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.


Explore the various accommodation options available throughout the city and get an overview of London’s neighborhoods to help you determine where you’ll want to stay for your trip.

Guide to The British Pound

Get an overview of London’s currency, including tips on how to get cash, and cost expectations.

How to Use Your Phone in London

Learn about the phone data and wifi options available to you in London.

What to Pack

Jess offers her top tips on packing for an optimal London experience, including clothing items to bring and other must-haves.

Meet Your Instructor

Jess Dante is the founder of Love and London, a digital travel guide that helps London tourists to visit the city like they live there. She moved to London in 2013, which is when she started to eagerly explore her new city, and she still loves to do this every single day. Her specialty is sharing hidden gems that most tourists don't hear about in the typical guidebook or article, so they can also experience the nooks and crannies that make London incredibly special. Jess has been a founding Bright Trip instructor since 2019.

How to Plan Your London TripBy Jess Dante