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How to Document Your Trip

How to Document Your Trip

Learn how to shoot, upload, edit, and share beautiful photos and videos from your travels.

About This Course

Seasoned travel filmmakers, Johnny and Iz, walk you through their approach to documenting travels including: their gear, storytelling techniques, filming tips, editing tutorials, and the philosophy for best capturing your trips. This course is for anyone who wants to better document their travels - NO camera experience or professional gear required. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create your very own travel video and a set of edited photos that you can upload on the web or print into a book!

What you will learn

  • How to think of your trip as a story and what ingredients you need to capture that story

  • Gear available to enhance your travel documentation

  • How to extract, upload, and organize your trip footage

  • How to edit videos and photos (or how to use editing services that will do it for you)

  • How to be intentional about the way you shoot to decrease camera time and spend time enjoying the place you visit

How to Document Your Trip

by Johnny & Iz Harris

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This course includes

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Guide to Gear Part 1: Stabilization

Guide to Gear Part 2: Cameras

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Meet Your Instructors

Johnny & Iz are a husband and wife duo of travel journalists. Together, they travel the world, documenting, telling stories, and sharing them with their audiences. They also work as producers and hosts for Vox Media. Johnny has produced 5 seasons of his show Borders - a deep dive into and human perspective of the many Borders around the globe. Iz has produced two seasons of her series, Travel, Eat, Repeat where she takes on a location, showing it through the lens of the local cuisine. Now, as co-founders of Bright Trip, their mission is to take what they’ve learned and loved in traveling the world, and share that with others - creating a community of enlightened and curious travelers.

How to Document Your TripBy Johnny & Iz Harris