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How it Became Manhattan

Travel back in time to discover the untold stories of Manhattan’s most popular sites.

About This Course

From the totally redesigned makeover of the Statue of Liberty to the sicknesses, deaths, and elephants that paint the story of the Brooklyn Bridge, there is much to discover about Manhattan’s most popular sites. Daniel Steiner peels back the layers of his favorite city, sharing the untold stories that lie within New York's most iconic spots. We’ll take you behind the buildings to teach you about the human stories and the changing landscape of New York. We’ll share how a mosquito-infested swamp became a cultural enclave and how an ancient indigenous path became the grounds for Times Square. There are many surprises that lurk within the landmarks and neighborhoods of Manhattan that can only enrich your experience and understanding of this infamous island. And, among these stories, we will also share advice on how to plan your visit to these places if you decide to travel to New York. Whether you’re planning a trip here, live here, or are just wanting to do some armchair travel from your home, this course will give you a deeper understanding of the largest city in the United States.

What you will learn

  •  An overview of the geography of Manhattan

  •  The intricate stories behind eight of Manhattan’s top sites: The Statue of Liberty, the Financial District, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, the High Line, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Central Park

  •  The dramas, struggles, and triumphs that led to the development of these landmarks

  •  How the history of Manhattan has influenced the skyline that we see today

  •  Advice on how to logistically plan your visit to these places

How it Became Manhattan

by Daniel Steiner


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Meet Your Instructor

Daniel Steiner is a filmmaker from Salt Lake City, Utah. Living in New York for several years sparked a fascination with urban layout and design, which – along with a passion for US history – was the impetus for this course. A deep love for travel has led Daniel to all seven continents and to start working at Bright Trip in 2019.

How it Became ManhattanBy Daniel Steiner