French Cheese, Mapped

with Marie Brière

1 hour, 42 minutes
11 videos

A geographical and historical dive into French cheese—learn how your favorite French cheeses are made and the unique stories behind each one.

About This Course

It’s no secret that French cheese is delicious, but there is so much more to understanding and appreciating it than meets the eye (or mouth). This course will take you on a tasty journey back to the origins of different types of cheese, from the culture of French cheese to the 7 step process of cheesemaking. Marie Briere, a French journalist and cheese lover, takes us through several regions of France to demystify Brie, Le Petit Suisse, Munster, Comté, Cancoillotte, Blue Cheese, and Goat Cheese. She explores the history of cheese, how cheese is made, as well as what you should look for on a label at the grocery store. The seven types of cheeses focused on in this course all come from different regions of France, and Marie demonstrates how the diversity of the country’s many cheese options is a result of the unique geographic properties of the region where they originate. Marie’s aim is to empower you with the knowledge to explore this world in its entirety and if you take this course, you will have a much deeper, richer connection with cheese (you can't even imagine!).

What You'll Learn

  • How cheese is made: the step-by-step process from preparation and coagulation, all the way through to molding and aging

  • How cheese intersects with french culture

  • How many types of French cheese there are

  • The history of French cheese

  • How the characteristics of French cheeses are influenced by the geography and climate of the region where they originate

  • The unique qualities of seven different types of cheese, from different regions of France (including famous French cheeses, like Roquefort and Brie)

  • The tools to find your favorite cheeses to build your ideal cheeseboard

  • How to understand cheese labeling at a grocery store or market

Watch Some Samples

We've pulled out a few clips to give you a better idea of what to expect in the course

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1



Chapter 2

French Cheese Explained

How Cheese is Made

French Cheese Overview

Chapter 3

Region by Region

Map Overview

Seine et Marne and Brie

Fresh Cheeses


Franche - Comté



Goat Cheese

Meet Your Instructor

Marie Brière

Marie Brière

Marie is a Paris-based journalist and documentary maker, fluent in French, English, and sarcasm. Her home is in Paris, her heart in Montreal, and her roots in Lebanon. As any respectful French person, she has a passionate love affair with food, people, history, and politics. She worked in current affairs for French TV, AFP, CBC, Vice, as well as for Air Canada enRoute travel magazine, and for science media.

Marie Brière

French Cheese, Mapped

with Marie Brière