Experience Tokyo

with Johnny & Iz Harris

2 hours, 38 minutes
14 videos

Learn how to visit the most populous city on Earth

About This Course

Join filmmakers Johnny and Iz Harris as they guide you on your trip to Tokyo. Learn everything from the history of how the city has evolved, to how to get around using trains and other forms of transportation, to the cultural aspects of the city from religion to robots. We're your friends who've been there and can tell you how to make the most out of your trip to Tokyo. Join us!

What You'll Learn

  • Quick context and history of Tokyo

  • Overview of the city's neighborhoods

  • Navigation tips for Tokyo's public transit

  • Customs and etiquette to keep in mind

  • How to experience Tokyo's food, culture, and shrines

  • Tips for experiencing Tokyo with kids

  • How to see and experience Tokyo's robots.

Course Breakdown

Chapter 1


How Tokyo Came to Be

Dive into Tokyo's rich and complex history that shaped its current status as a vibrant and populous city.


Mapping Tokyo's Neighborhoods

Get your bearings in Tokyo by diving into the map. Learn about different neighborhoods, landmarks, and districts to decide where to stay and what to do.


Before You Go

Learn about the main international airports in Tokyo, Narita and Haneda, and get information on how to navigate through them to reach the city.

Chapter 2

Getting Around

Understanding Tokyo's Trains

Learn how to navigate Tokyo's transportation system using your phone, understand the key concepts and symbols of the train lines, purchase and use a transportation card, and effectively plan your route from one location to another.


Other Forms of Transportation

Dive into the various transportation options in Tokyo other than trains, including buses, taxis, and bikes, along with practical tips and advice for using each mode of transportation effectively and efficiently.

Chapter 3

Food & Drink

Dining in Tokyo

Learn how to use TableLog to find the best restaurants in Tokyo, the basics about Japanese dining customs and etiquette, and underground food halls.


Ramen: Explained

Dive into the origins of Ramen, the different types of broth, and the variations in noodles and toppings. Plus we'll show you the best ways to experience ramen for yourself while in Tokyo.


Sushi: Explained

Get an overview of sushi—its origins, different types, and the various ways to experience it in Tokyo.


Drinks in Japan

Learn about the various drinks Japan is known for, including their unique coffee culture, and dive into the details of sake, whiskey, and green tea.

Chapter 4


Customs & Etiquette

Learn about customs, etiquette, and manners in Japan, including how to dress, guidelines around using phones, eating in restaurants, using chopsticks, bowing, saying thank you, and handling payments and business cards.


Religion in Japan

Learn the difference between Shinto and Buddhism, the significance of shrines and temples in Japanese culture, how to respectfully participate in rituals with being respectful of customs and traditions.


Automation Culture

Explore Tokyo's culture of robots and automated services in various aspects of daily life, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping, and vending machines.

Chapter 5

Dive Deeper

How to do a Tea Ceremony

Learn about the Japanese tea ceremony, its historical origins, the cultural significance of matcha tea, and the meticulous attention to detail, spirituality, and artistry involved in the ceremony.


Tokyo with Kids

Get Johnny & Iz's best tips and tricks for traveling with kids in Tokyo—navigate the transportation system, find kid-friendly food options, and introduce your kids to Japanese cuisine.


Meet Your Instructors

Johnny & Iz Harris

Johnny & Iz Harris

Johnny & Iz are a husband and wife duo of travel journalists. Together, they travel the world, documenting, telling stories, and sharing them with their audiences. They also work as producers and hosts for Vox Media. Johnny has produced 5 seasons of his show Borders - a deep dive into and human perspective of the many Borders around the globe. Iz has produced two seasons of her series, Travel, Eat, Repeat where she takes on a location, showing it through the lens of the local cuisine. Now, as co-founders of Bright Trip, their mission is to take what they’ve learned and loved in traveling the world, and share that with others - creating a community of enlightened and curious travelers.

Johnny & Iz Harris

Experience Tokyo

with Johnny & Iz Harris