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Sailing the World

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Sail The World

About This Course

Start learning everything you need to know to set sail and explore a life of adventures at sea! This course explores the first pillar of Ryan and Sophie’s guide to becoming a full-time sailor. Learn how to get into sailing with the necessary terms, concepts, and skills you need to step on board. Go through the full anatomy of a sailboat, basic sailing maneuvers, knots and line work, types of sails, and explore what is actually happening above and below the water when you sail. Develop a core knowledge base of safety and seamanship concepts. Get a break down of the different types of sailboats available by size, price, and style and determine what equipment you’ll want with you onboard. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and confidence necessary to fast-track your own sailing dreams.


Part 1 • Getting Started

Coming in 2023

Part 2 • Plan a Passage

The next stage in a sailor’s journey, after mastering foundational knowledge, is mastering how to plan a passage. Get an introduction to maritime navigation and an overview of sailing destinations all around the world. Then, follow along as Ryan and Sophie walk you through their own passage plan from Antigua to Bermuda. Part 2 is for those ready to learn what it takes to get a sailboat out and sailing in open water.

Coming in 2023

Part 3 • Learn the Lifestyle

Get an inside look into what living on a sailboat actually looks like. Part 3 covers the ups, downs, challenges, and rewards of this lifestyle. Learn the realities of day-to-day boat life including cost and budgeting essentials.

Meet Your Instructors

Ryan and Sophie

Ryan & Sophie began their sailing adventure as a couple, early into their relationship. Since learning to sail in 2015, they have sailed the Archipelago of Sweden, around the Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic several times. They sail full-time while balancing their non-sailing careers, and they even find time to share their sailing adventures, advice, and insight on their Youtube channel, Ryan and Sophie Sailing.

Ryan and Sophie