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What travelers are saying

"I probably would never have even thought of renting a small camper van if I hadn't taken [the Iceland] course. That's what I ended up doing and it was definitely the best and most affordable way to explore Southern Iceland for the first time."

— Monica M.

"I thougnt the chapter on getting from the airport to London was incredibly helpful, as well as explaining the Tube system. Jess gives a lot of insider tips a local would know that a traveler wouldn't on their first trip, which really helps a lot. This course is definitely worth it."

— Noor K.

"This really helped us prepare and make the most of our trip to Costa Rica. For example, this course was the reason we decided to add Corcovado to our itinerary, which ended up being a great adventure."

— Miriam K.

Plans from $4.99 per month

7-day money-back guarantee